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Past, Current, and Future Projects

Title Release Artist Notes & Credits
Back to Broadway
Scheduled for 5/1/2012 Louise Schulman - Viola
Maureen Higle - Piano
Currently in Mixing/Editing
Late Night
Re-release from the Times Is
CD. Single scheduled
for 4/1/2012
The Johnny I Band Additional tracks recorded as Avid Studios
Time Tunnel
CD & Online
Roxon Records
Producer: Shel Talmy
The Fifth Estate Tracks recorded at Avid Studios
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at
The Lodge
After the Headlines
Dirty Water Entertainment
Producer: Aaliyah Miller
Theme Song I'm Sorry
Recorded by Jodylynn Talevi
Mixing and mastering completed at
Avid Studios
Praises to the King
Avid Records
AR 5033
Charlie and Lily Kendrick Recording, Mixing, and Mastering
Keepin' it Real
Avid Records
AR 5031
The Johnny I Band Recorded live at
Smokin' Sandy's, Naugatuck, CT
A Connecticut Christmas
Avid Records
AR 5021
John Bunnell &
various artists
Recorded live at
Split The Beans, Cheshire, CT
Dances a Lot
Origin Recording, Ltd. Lenny Paquette Vocals on Like Our Login'
recorded at Avid Studios
Times Is Tough
Avid Records
AR 3031
The Johnny I Band Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered
at Avid Studios
Better Late Than Never
Avid Records
AR 5020
Peter Swain Higle Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered
at Avid Studios